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Reserve Studies From a Manager’s Point of View

The recent change in statutes in Oregon and Washington regarding reserve studies has generated considerable discussion... read more...

What is Fiduciary

New HOA Board members, usually at their first board meeting or perhaps at a board orientation session, hear the term “fiduciary responsibility”.  They may think it means “do a good job” or... read more...

Repair bills stun Condo
owners at Bend Resort

"A bus driver for the Bend-La Pine school district, Benjamin got a bill early this month for $11,000, due and payable by Dec. 31, to cover her share of building repair costs. It was her first notice of the assessment..."

Transition Services

"All community associations should retain the services of a transition consultant as soon as control of the Board of Directors has been transferred to the unit owners..."

Choosing Your Reserve Study Provider

"How do you know if your reserve study provider is giving you a good reserve study?  Not just a document designed to satisfy legal statutes or required by a bank to obtain financing, but one that will actually aid you in maintaining and increasing the value of your investment..."



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HUD Underwriting Requirements
For FHA Condominium Mortgages

HUD Requirements for Condo Mortgages …

Due to the declining housing market, recent turmoil in the credit markets and residential mortgage industry, the Department of Housing and Urban Development - better known to most of you as HUD - has enacted new lending requirements for certain types of federally insured mortgage loan more...


The mission of HOA Services Group is to help empower your community by providing management tools and consulting services to community associations, developers and community managers seeking to improve the governance and quality of life in the communities where they live and work.

Our staff includes a Professional Community Association Manager who has earned the (PCAM) designation from the Community Association’s Institute (CAI); the highest standard of achievement in the community management field.

Our reserve study consultant is also a CAI certified Reserve Specialist (RS), the recognized standard for reserve study professionals.

The services we offer include-

  1. HOA Management Consulting (for HOA’s and Community Managers)
  2. Reserve Studies (for developers and existing community associations)
  3. Maintenance Plans (for developers and existing community associations)

To learn more about our business and the  services we offer please take the time to browse the website or contact our office for more information regarding HOA Services Group.




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